It should have been their trip of a lifetime. But with just days to go, Jonathan Cork finds himself dumped by his girlfriend, Kate Thornly. Even worse, a life-threatening allergy means he can’t travel alone. Unable to change the name on the spare ticket and fast running out of time, Jonathan resorts to desperate measures. He advertises on eBay for a travel companion with the same name as his ex. The problem is, it’s a complete lottery who he’ll end up with. 

Kate Thornly (the second) is aware of the unusual eBay auction, but she can’t be persuaded to bid. Enter Maria, her best friend, who secretly applies on her behalf! With her nursing credentials and erotic photo, Kate seems the perfect travel companion. But there’s just one small detail Maria’s conveniently left off Kate’s bid... 

What follows is a funny, page-turning, rollercoaster ride around South America.


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Review by: Sinead wilson-devane - 5 Stars
"This book is as light-hearted as its short description depicts, but with a totally surprising grip that means you can’t put it down. The writer's style is an unpretentious easy read, and the narrative switches between the perspectives of the characters creating a very engaging book that creates empathy with each character. How on earth did a bloke write so well about what a woman thinks? Highly recommend this for a good giggle and for the surprising extra of opening your mind."

Review by: Marie Drake – 5 Stars
“I completely enjoyed this book. It was interesting and relevant to see the story unfold from both the perspectives of Jonathan and Kate. It was romantic, inspiring, endearing, and real. The places the couple travelled to were described so vividly and beautifully it was almost like being there. I highly recommend reading it.”


Review by: superworm – 5 Stars

“I found The Travel Auction a very good read it held my attention throughout and once I had started found it hard to put down. Can’t wait for the next book by this author.”


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